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Tool holders

tool holders

  • Solid, powerful and simple design
  • Hardened, dressed to size, consistently precise
  • Five sizes for driving powers from 3 to 28 kw
  • Guaranteed change accuracy of below 0.01 mm
  • Square base area

Design features of Böni quick-change tool holders are its extremely solid, stable and simple construction. The tool post is produced from forged steel and carefully case-hardened. The square shape is best adapted to the contact area of the support (top slide). Thanks to this a frictional connection to the machine almost up below the cutting edge can be achieved, which in turn puts less stress on the support (top slide) of the lathe. Protection of the tool post against torsion is ensured by a powerful bolt which is detachable at any time if the tool post requires another position.

The hardened and precision ground veeways at the tool post and change tool holder in cooperation with the hardened and ground eccentric tappets provide for a rigid connection among each other. So both heavy and interrupted cuts are admissible without further ado as well. Since the veeways are not subject to any wear and tear, accuracy and stability are guaranteed for a long time. The change tool holders are delivered with a ground, smooth contact area for lathes or as change tool holders for drill rods or welding tongs.

Choice of size of tool post

The choice of size depends on the driving power of the lathe, the centre height and the support (top slide).

Type 80Type 100Type 125Type 150Type 200
For driving power up to approx. 3kW centre height up to 160mmFor driving power up to approx. 7kW centre height up to 200mmFor driving power up to approx. 13kW centre height up to 250mmFor driving power up to approx. 20kW centre height up to 450mmFor driving power up to approx. 28kW centre height up to 600mm
Tool post: 80 x 80 mmTool post: 97 x 97mmTool post: 125 x 125mmTool post: 147 x 147mmTool post: 200 x 200mm


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